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EZ Boat Fuels was born out of a need. As boaters that keep their boat in a wet slip, we have a diver that comes and cleans our hull monthly. When our boat needed fuel, we would run to the nearest marina to fuel up. Although this is not the most inconvenient part of boating, it was cutting into our time on the water. Then, one day I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if someone could fuel our boat in much the same way that our diver cleans our boat?” Well, after searching the internet and not finding any such service, here we are.

After seeing the need, I decided that it was time to leave my mundane 9-5 desk job and get back out in the fresh air. It’s our promise to our customer to deliver high quality fuel and service at a competitive and fair price.


Roy LeBlanc



Growing up in a northern fishing community, Roy has been around boats his whole life. Time on the water is one of Roy’s greatest pleasures, whether he’s fishing, stone crabbing, or just spending a day on the beach with his family. Roy is the kind of guy that builds his own crab traps and cedar strip canoes just because he wants to.

Roy has been “living life” in Tampa Bay area for over 20 years, enjoying all the wonderful things the area has to offer. “For me, I believe that Tampa Bay area has to be one of the greatest places to live. We have easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, as well as all the things between. Great water, great parks, great people, we have it all.”

“We want to supply you  the best fuel at the best price.”

The Crew

As for now, it’s a crew of one


As our crew grows, we will keep you informed. Any new crew will spend weeks with our seasoned personnel to ensure that they are properly trained and ready to do their best.