Today’s Price $4.89/Gal Non-ethanol 90 Octane
Low 35 Gallon Minimum*

How Our Boat Fueling Company Works

Once you are all signed up with us, you will get a text message every week or two informing you that we will be in your area fueling boats for the next few days. We will ask you if you would like to get your boat fueled.

If you do not want or need fuel, simply do nothing. We will not fuel your boat unless you respond to the text.

If you do want fuel, simply respond to the text with, “Yes fill” or “Yes 50 gal”. (50 being the number of gallons you would like).

Sometime within the next day or two, we will fuel your boat, leaving you a printed receipt from our government-inspected fuel meter. To make payment as easy as possible, we are utilizing Quickbooks Pay. This makes paying for your fuel quick and safe.

We do request that someone be present for the first fueling.

Our driver wear body cams and our truck is equipped with video cameras to record every fueling. Should there be any questions about the service we provided or should a dispute arise, these videos will be used in order to clarify the problem.

Keeping us and our customers safe.

Discounts:   $0.10 off for 100 gallons or more
                      $0.20 off for 200 gallons or more
                      $0.30 off for 400 gallons or more
                      $0.10 off for Cash or Check


Here are the Bad parts!

*We Have A Small Minimum

Customers that request to have their boats “filled” and take less than 35 gallons will be charged $1.25 for every gallon under 35.

The distance from where we can park our truck to the fuel port on your boat must less than 350 feet. That’s all the hose we have!


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